Sunday at the Memories ~The Girl at the Fountain~ (2017)
Genre: Romance/drama

The setting is the present-day Philippines.
Jacqueline reminisces her time with a girl named Rayzelle Anne while listening to old songs on the radio every Sunday morning.
And then, the girl she misses the most comes back, with just one roadblock in their way…

An official entry to the 2017 Yuri Game Jam.

Download: (multiplatform)

Nothing Happened 3: Terminus Wave (2017)
Genre: Slice-of-life/comedy/drama

The genius and his female AR companion are dispatched to investigate a strange phenomenon in Makati City. In this grand finale, everything about the two will be revealed.
An official entry to the Manila Game Jam 2017, which is part of the Global Game Jam 2017.

Download: (multiplatform)

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This One Room (2016)
Genre: Slice-of-life/comedy

Renz and Mary Natalie are just two ordinary people who are trapped in a room. But this ain’t a mystery escape-the-room story, mind you!
An official entry to Ludum Dare 37.

Download: (multiplatform)

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Nothing Happened 2: The Ritual (2016)
Genre: Slice-of-life/comedy

The genius and his female AR companion are back at the Ateneo de Manila University, tasked with something that mostly resembles a ritual.
An official entry to the Manila Game Jam 2016, which is part of the Global Game Jam 2016.

Download: (multiplatform) (multiplatform 2)

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Beyond Happily Ever After (2015)
Genre: Drama

“What is true love when there is no growth?”
The story is about a married couple in three stages of the growth of their love for each other.

An official entry to Ludum Dare 34.

Download: (multiplatform)

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Gravure: A Super Network Wars Prelude (2015)
Genre: Drama/Slice-of-life/Tragedy/Supernatural

The Philippines, year 1994.
In an alternate-reality Earth where magic and technology coexist, a new saga starts with the experiences of a young boy and his beloved younger sister.
As the years progress, he will experience much more things in accordance with a prophecy concerning the entire country.
He will never be alone in his journey.

This game is a prequel to Super Network Wars: Suikoden Pilipinas, a mega-crossover fanfic written by the same developer behind it.
An official entry to the One Year Game Challenge organized by IGDA Manila, as well as the E-Sports and Gaming Summit 2015 Indie Arena.

Download: (multiplatform)

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Nothing Happened (2015)
Genre: Slice-of-life

A young genius and his female AR companion are given a mission at the Ateneo de Manila University: to be productive.
An official entry to the Manila Game Jam 2015, which is part of the Global Game Jam 2015.

Download: (original version; multiplatform) (special edition; multiplatform)

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Landscaped Confinement (2014)
Genre: Drama

Being confined to this landscape… is like being confined to this screen.
An official entry to Ludum Dare 31.

Download: (multiplatform)

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e|merge (2014)
Genre: Romance/Supernatural

A boy is on one side.
A girl is on another side.
They may or may not have met.
Portals, wormholes… anything to reach the other side… they shall discover them.
An official entry to Ludum Dare 30.

Download: (original version; multiplatform) (post-jam edition; multiplatform)

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Vantage (2014)
Genre: Romance/Supernatural

A man goes back to the countryside to meet his childhood friend. But she is not who she is.
An official entry to the Manila Game Jam 2014, which is part of the Global Game Jam 2014.

Download: (original version; multiplatform) (special edition; multiplatform)

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A Transitional Eve (2011)
Genre: Romance/Supernatural

New Year’s Eve is truly a time for many types of transitions. A group of friends undergoes one.

Download: (multiplatform)


Coccinea (2011)
Genre: Romance/Adventure

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Puella Magi Madoka Magica crossover. Because of a game set up by someone powerful, Kit Taylor’s and Kyouko Sakura’s fortunes intertwined. Rated T for violence and suggestive themes.

Download: (multiplatform) (multiplatform 2; thanks to Denzil)


Swimming in Two Rivers (2010)
Genre: Romance/Comedy

Why is taking the third option sometimes the best option when it comes to choosing the right girl? Read as a rich kid tries to get out of a typical love triangle rut.

A collaborative project between Moonlight Bomber and lordcloudx via the one-shot circle Team L.I.T.E.V.N. (Lost In Translation English Visual Novels).

Download: (multiplatform)



About Time for a Splash! (2010)
Genre: Slice-of-life/Comedy

A college graduate was filled with fond memories of his high school years. Join him as he reconnects with his ol’ buddies via a summer vacation.

Download: (multiplatform)


Two Tales (2010)
Genre: Romance/Supernatural

This is a microgame based on my two entries for Hero TV Forums’ forum fiction writing contest in 2009. After completing those two tales, I had to do this short project due to my participation in The Teacup VN Festival 2010. I’ve labeled this “Director’s Cut” because I wanted to expand the stories a little bit without word count limits strangling them.

Romance Bullets: Cupids have to adapt to the times. Instead of bows and arrows, they are now armed with sniper rifles that still bring the same romantic effect to whoever is struck by it. Read as a trigger-happy cupid goes on a shooting spree.

The Regretful Vagrant: A warrior who fights with magically-infused hardcore wrestling techniques sets out on a journey filled with regret. Regret over his loved one.

Download: (multiplatform)

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